Platforms to Make Money Online in 2020

They are various Platforms to Make Money Online in 2020, but if you do not know them and know how to use them, it will not be profitable to you. So, it will be good for you to read on as we bring to your notice, those platforms to make money online this year. Also, we will do you the favor of explaining to you how this online business works and how you can go about with them.

Platforms to Make Money Online

We know truly well that many people do have this misgiving and ill-informed knowledge when it comes to online money making platforms. And for this reason, we will try to do well and explain to us all what it really means to do business online. Online marketing, and or trading as you may call it is not fraud and so should not be regarded as such.

When we talk about money-making ventures online, we are simply referring to all the possible avenues where anyone can make money with the use of their gadgets and things like that. Truth be told, they exist too many and numerous ways and things someone can do online to make money. We will not necessarily be discussing all the ways, but we will be bringing to your notice the best ways to make money online.

Yes as much as many things are done with the right intention, some people will try and use deceitful means to exploit people. This is the case in every business and online business is not left out as many people do try to defraud people using those platforms. But we are here to guide you on the right online businesses that are genuine that you can do without any problem in 2020.

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Though they are many, these are some of the platforms to make money online in 2020, they are;

  1. Cryptocurrency trading and investment: The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin and all others is a sure way to make a very good amount of money online this year. Do try investing and trading with cryptocurrencies.
  2. Freelance Writing: Freelance writing that just involves you developing and or re-writing articles on blogs and the rest is a high paying job and will be one of the best paying online jobs in 2020.
  3. Fiverr: Have you heard of the platform called Fiverr before? If you have not, then Fiverr is a forum where different skilled people in software and other computer-based skills are found. In Fiverr, you can bring any challenge and readily find someone to help resolve it, and then you pay the person. So are you a web developer, designer, and the rest, then go use Fiverr to make money in 2020.
  4. Video Streaming: Live video streaming is a very profitable online business. All you need is to have a wide fan and friends base and followers on social media and YouTube and get them to watch a video you are streaming and then you get paid.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing which involves selling goods and products of a company and getting a commission for each sale is an online business you should probably consider doing in 2o2o.

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