Top Reason men cheating

Top Reason men cheating

Why do men cheat? Because men love distractions, and cheating is a distraction to men.

men are givers by nature why women are collectors and keepers by nature, often time women always say why will a man cheat and women cannot cheat, because the man give and women collect and keep.

70 to 80 percent of our men absolutely cheat, yes! this is one big time reality a lot of women have to face. yes men will always be cheating with the above-estimated percentage value. But this is what I want the men who cheat to understand. very important. if you are men or women pay very good attention and read this article.

Dear men if you must cheat below is the list of thing you will consider:

  • PRIORITY: What do you prioritise? Let me start by explaining what priority is all about. priority is an important thing to you, that thing that you need and not what you want. you must know what to prioritize, you must know the women that are your distraction and the women you want to be your focus. those are the two must important thing in a mans life, once you identify you focus and distraction, want and need.
  • PROVISION: because when you are cheating you cannot be feeding your distractions and ignoring your focus. Distraction is temporal while focus is essential, very very important. that’s the difference between need and want, you need to be able to identify that women you want to be your focus, value and futuristic tendency that is going to last and focus on and understand which one is distraction and which one is focus, then feed your focus very important.
  • UNDERSTANDING: have an understanding of what you are doing, whenever you decide to cheat, ask yourself in your own subconscious why am I cheating, whatever you have understanding over, you have control over, when you have understand your reason of cheating, Am cheating to have fun or her body appeal.

you have your personal reason of cheating. now you need to have that understand why you are cheating and anything you have control over, you can limit it. it is the thing you dont have control over that you always do and when you over do it, it simply mean you lack understanding of that thing you are doing. when you understand that too much of everything is bad Including eating too much, drinking too much or womanizing too much has effect in my life, you are going to limit it.

Ask your self this question! why am i cheating? if you understand and take decision why you cheat, you can have control over it, because when you dont control your distraction it will result to destruction in your life. so control is very important so it will not destroy you.

These are the reason why you need to understand this article before you decide to cheat.

two most important questions you need to ask yourself before cheating are WHAT DO YOU WANT AND WHAT DO YOU NEED, when you understand what need as a man and what you want.

Need: you will be able to respect your need. you know why: Need is something that have longitividy, future and value.

Want: Want is just something you want temporary, e.g, cars, toys, cloth. overtime you get tired of them, you must be sure of what you need and the things you want.

When you understand Need and want, you will be able to draw limit and have respect for those thing that you need because you understand that those thing you need will lead you into the future value.

Among all these women you wan to play around with, you will be able to choose a focus, Focus is that woman that you need, focus is that woman that have value, longitivity, something to offer and when you want to keep a NEED, you have to protect it with all your hearth because you know its something that is productive.

Want is just tempral, things you use and dump. when you understand the need, you will protect it with your life and that’s where respect come to play.

you must be able to respect any woman you focus on, you must be able to know the difference between focus and distraction, so feed your focus more than your distractions, very important

The above message is to make men understand and kill the urge to cheat.

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